It is easy to learn and it is do-able by virtually anyone. 
It dissolves stress and literally produces healthiness.

QIGONG (pronounced chee gung) is a do-anywhere ‘body-mind-spirit’ practice from the shamans of ancient China.

It incorporates slow, gentle, physical movements, with coordinated breathing, and a gently focused mind.


  • improves physical healthiness and mobility
  • calms, clears and centers the mind
  • noticeably boosts the energy (the Qi, or Life Force)

Qigong leaves you relaxed, centered, with increased energy, and with fresh enthusiasm for living.

All without breaking a sweat, removing a tie, or messing your makeup — no Spandex required!

Full Aliveness Qigong

A joining of ancient and modern.

What is unique about “Full Aliveness” Qigong?

It takes its movements and breathing from traditional qigong practice while incorporating information from current scientific findings in a number of different fields (medical biology, brain research, cellular biology, quantum physics, energy research, ‘consciousness studies’, — even military-protocol ‘Remote Viewing’). Thus the traditional practice is set on a solid foundation of current scientific research.

The goal is to help students get the most from their qigong practice by being able to use their new practice on a number of different levels — and with a deep understanding of how and why it works.

This course not only gives you a powerful do-anywhere qigong practice, but also helps you to expand your understanding of yourself and of the real nature of the world — incorporating a view that is simultaneously very ancient and 21st century.

Thus, this teaching is both life-enhancing and mind-expanding.

What? Where? How Much?

Here are the details...

The ‘Qigong Introductory Class’ is open to the public and is a series of six Wednesday evening sessions from 7:15 to 8:30 pm.
The Medical Pavilion Building of New York Methodist Hospital, 263 Seventh Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn (between fifth and sixth streets)
How Much:
The cost is $95 for the Series



Michael Hopkins McComiskey, a life-long educator, is affiliated with The Center For Complementary Medicine at New York Methodist Hospital, where he teaches regularly.

He served many years on the board of The National Qigong Association, and continues to serve on its Advisory Council. He has taught for the FDNY, and the VA, and he teaches for numerous professional groups, as well as frequently giving presentations at schools and colleges. He also conducts retreats and workshops. He is a nationally known presenter and is noted for both his humor and his breadth of knowledge. He laughs a lot.

Contact Him: For class schedules, etc. you may contact him at (718) 857 6598 or mmccom1946@aol.com

He will be presenting a public workshop on Qigong and Spirituality this summer at the National Qigong Association’s National Conference near Philadelphia. For details go to nqa.org. (and also check out the tele-seminar featuring him that is scheduled for July).

Michael’s goal in teaching is always to help people take control of their own health and wellness — and to show them that there is much more to them, and to life, than they think there is.

“What are you waiting for? — this is your life! Start living it fully now!”